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Welcome! I hope you can find some time to listen to the music. I'm sorry though, the website is dated and you will need Flash for the stuff on the Discography page. So get over to your desktop and jam it through your good speakers or headphones.

I've been focusing on composing and producing music and sound design for tv/film and am open for new projects. Filmakers, artists, YouTubers, body-movement instructors, I love to collaborate and bring to life with music.

Anyone else with recording needs, I not only compose, but record, mix and master. Vocalists' and small acoustic ensembles are welcomed. I have space and good mics.

Here are links to personal works, works-for-hire and collaborations:

Nocturnal Sun on YouTube

Chris Capriotti on SoundCloud

Pauly Ollie videos on YouTube

Tea with Tiffany - short film

EDF - Decision Science

EDF - Solar Radiation

EDF - Sustainable and Profitable Fishing

A Day in the Life of Camelot

Lee Howard's Musical Universe

Book of the Dead

Playa Dreams