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Berkeley native, Chris Capriotti is breaking new ground with Nocturnal Sun Productions. His decades of experience as a musician and two degrees in music recording have shaped his passion as a music producer. He has engineered and played on many albums, from his own guitar driven solo albums, to collaborations with some of the Bay Area's top talents. With a new direction in film music, Chris is shaping his recordings around sound for film and multi-media.

In 2000, Chris acquired a Bachelor's degree in Sound Arts from Ex'pression (S.A.E.) Prior to that he completed a two-year certificate program at San Francisco State University in the Music Recording Industry. Utilizing his talents as an engineer, Chris has created his own unique working environment to accommodate his guitar and keyboard compositional skills. Having this customized environment allows for the song ideas to flow. 'With all the instuments having dedicated inputs, we just turn on and we're ready to start recording.'

In his senior year of high school, Chris studied under master guitarist Joe Satriani. Joe taught modal theory, scales, arpeggios and most of all, amazing technique. Chris will always remember Joe's words of wisdom, "sometimes it's good to just forget about all this theory, put your head back, and pretend you're BB King."

Capriotti has developed a wide palette of guitar sounds from open tuning acoustic, 12 and nylon string, to modern textural space and surf guitar. His solos tend to lean toward melodic and fitting with the song as opposed to impressing with speed and lot's of notes. His second passion is for the piano and these days diving deep into synths and samplers.

Capriotti's mostly instrumental pieces have a way of telling a story. And though not neccesarily intended for film, it is often suggested as an appropriate medium.

Chris scored his first short film when he met ILM animator, Tim Harrington in 1998 and scored the music for AGONY. He later scored Rob Poswall's short film 'Tea With Tiffany', which lead to several other short films and commercial projects, one being EDF (Environmental Defense Fund). Since then, the catalog of music has grown to hundreds of pieces covering a wide array of genres and styles.